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BIO:   Karyn Klaire Koski is a TV |Content Producer in Toronto

She is also an Energy Philosophy Scholar who writes for Blogs, Ezines, Television & Print

Her speciality is to report on Mind Body Soul Genres. 

As a philanthropist she lends her skills to promote environmental, community initiatives and human rights issues. 


Mental Health

George Herman House is a transitional home in Toronto for Women recovering from mental health diagnoses.  Karyn is a volunteered board of directors member and writes their editorials, does communications & helps to fundraise. 

MORE: George Herman House Editorials


Karyn is very engaged in her Toronto Community and has volunteered to write articles, oversee Earth Hour Events and participates in community green initiatives.  

MORE: RoncyWorks

Rebuilding a Home

After a fire destroyed her family home, Karyn chronicles the event, her family's experience with the insurance company and the total rebuild of her home. The home was constructed respecting the Feng Shui of the land. 

MORE:  Fire | Insurance | Rebuild our Home

Rituals Customs Beliefs

Reporting on what people believe in, customs people do and how to live a life with nature & enlightenment.  Many of the articles appeared in EnergyWorksMagazine.

MORE: A little Bit About

Karyn Klaire Koski

Energy Networker 

Writer | Venture preneur

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