#idoEarthHour  Saturday March 30th 2019

EARTH HOUR IN PARKDALE HIGH PARK - There will be a Climate Change Trivia Game at Queen Street West’s The Grand Trunk, for Earth Hour.  It will include staffers from the Ministry of the Environment, The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario’s, office and members of Green Parkdale Roncesvalles. 


The Church of the Epiphany and St Mark’s in Parkdale will be open for an Earth Hour Cafe, they will host “Wine and Poetry” by candlelight. There are to be many private home parties to celebrate the no power hour too. “Earth Hour Cocktails” is what Earth Hour Leader, Karyn Klaire Koski is planning to do, she’ll likely drop in, at several of the  locations. Her goal is to encourage more and more people to participate in Earth Hour, “ it’s celebratory “ - she added. 


Many restaurants and bars along Roncesvalles Avenue are offering up “dim down and dine” ambiances like Pizzeria DefinaBarque, The Butcher Bar, Ace, Domani, CiderHouse  and Bacan.  


Aniq is offering up acoustic music by candlelight and Round the Horn will be dimming down so folks can watch sports on the big screen, by candlelight. The compromise is noted. 


Through out the week specials are being offered by Roncy Village’s Ecotique, The Goods and for certain, they and businesses like Pollack’s Home Hardware will be dark for Earth Hour.  


There are still a few Walks and Talks planned.  Former Councillor Sarah Doucette, who also represents the Friends of High Park Zoo, will host a Walk from the Grenedier Restaurant through the Zoo and it will conclude with a talk about how to reverse global warming. 

MP Arif Virani will meet candlelight walkers at Roncesvalles’s Peace Garden, speak about Pollution Pricing, then lead attendees towards Dizzy’s Gastro Sports Bar for a little post Earth Hour Walk Socializing. 


Whatever you do this Earth Hour, remember it’s about the participation. If you can, please remember to post #idoEarthHour on social media so that a collective of our efforts, have an impact. 

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